Phantom Secure (2022)

Expanded documentary performance with 16mm film, voice, HD projector, radio transmitter, radios & sound - 17 mins


The title of this performance takes its name from a defunct company that provided modified secure/encrypted mobile phones. This work is an exercise in visualisation of cellular network towers which are used within 5g transmission in the UK. A visual portrait of street furniture/architecture & the varieties of form within different cell sites. Images intersect, overlap; this work interweaves diegetic sounds & ASMR. A historical echo to the affective labour of telephone switchboard operators or rhetorical questioning of virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa. What happens to objects that listen? What has happened to our data? our labour? our privacy?

Open Forum - Oslo, April 2022

The Cube Microplex - Bristol, June 2022

Cooper Arms - Aberystwyth - July 2022

Losing the Plot Festival - Northumberland, July 2022