Calor Immodicus (Excessive Heat),, 2015

SD Video, 14min 11 sec

The film, Calor Immodicus (Excessive Heat), 2014, incorporates some of the conversations, research and encounters had by the artist collective, Bristol Diving School (BDS), over the past 8 months. Four members of the group traveled to the Curfew Tower in December 2013. Some of the experiences had in the Glens of Antrim and during a field excursion with members of the Gloucester Lichen Group in the Forest of Dean are retold in the film. The work stems from an on-going, shared process of attempting to articulate ideas and interests that find resonance within the artist group. Concurrent to the individual approaches of research that feed into the BDS project (which works as one artistic unit), ideas metamorphose as they pass through the strata of multiple agents. In so doing, the perpetual hum of the mechanisms of collectivism, collaboration, interdependency and the multiple facets of subjective authorship reverberates throughout the output of the collective.