Autoscopic Pneumatic Therapy, 2018

Laura Phillips presents a screening of artists films which extends ideas addressed in Phillips inaugural solo show:
I felt like the sound of a harp.

This programme includes works that have influenced Phillips’ practice and question ideas of subjectivity, subcultures and dissociative states.

What: Autoscopic Pneumatic Therapy - Screening event
When: Wednesday 5 December 2018, 5.30-7pm
Where: Studio Theatre at Plymouth College of Art

Works Screened:
Uranium Hex, 1987, Sandra Lahire,
PXXXL, 2012, Lauren Cook
The Iron Toned Lady, 2010, James Holcombe
Dot Matrix, 2011, Lauren Cook
The Watershow Extravaganza, 2016, Sophie Michael
Trans/Figure/Ground, 2016, Lauren Cook
Long After Tonight, 2006, Matt Stokes